Atnasal (Pvt) Ltd.

Total Solution


Mr Lasantha Gunawardena
Managing Director
Atnasal (Pvt) Ltd.


Atnasal (Pvt) Ltd acquired the tea production called "Sirisily Tea Factory" which was closed due to mismanagement until Mr Lasantha Gunawardena, present managing director of Atnasal (Pvt) Ltd and Green Line First (Pvt) Ltd took over in 2017. The factory was under the "Tea Shakthi Project" and located in Pallegama, Deniyaya, Southern Province, Sri Lanka.


dSquare Technologies (Pvt) Ltd was given the challenge of doing the total brand solution for Atnasal (Pvt) Ltd including Logo Design, Business Card Desig, Letter Head Design, Package Design, Design and Development of the official website.